Climate Change Initiative


To be a steward for the wilderness is to be an advocate for human well-being. Physicians have been conspicuously absent in the larger policy debates of environmental change and health, yet are the most well-respected and effective science communicators in society. Our Climate Change initiative seeks to empower physicians through education and effective communication skills and to characterize the impact of these changes on our health.


Global Climate Change and Human Health edited by Dr. George Luber and Dr. Jay Lemery (Jossey Bass 2015)  is our landmark text designed for undergraduate and graduate level students in both medicine and public health.  It has the imprimatur of the American Public Health Association and is authored by world-class experts in the field including many authors of the National Climate Assessment.

Our Initiative has a strong focus on climate justice and the disproportionate impact on the most disenfranchised worldwide, and we have robust collaborations with many of the leading minds in this emerging field including Climate for Heath, the George Mason Center for Climate Change Communication, and the FXB Center for Health and Human Rights at the Harvard School of Public Health.

Dr. Lemery has written extensively on issues of climate justice and serves as a contributing editor for Health and Human Rights, and recently as the guest editor for the special edition on Climate Justice and the Right to & Health.   Please click here for lead Editorial authored by Dr. Lemery, Dr. Paul Farmer and Dr. Carmel Williams.