Thank you for signing up for the Virtual Shadowing Nano Course. Please bookmark this page to reference if you have any questions or issues.

The buttons to access the courses are on the right side. This will take you directly to Canvas Free For Teacher, the platform we use.

Remember that this Canvas platform is different than what you may be used to from your own academic institution. You cannot use the same account.

Steps to enroll:

  1. Click one of the ‘Enroll Here’ buttons
  2. Select ‘I’m a student’
  3. For Nano Course 1, use join code: BRJK8R
  4. For Nano Course 2, use join code: MNBGE9
  5. Fill out the rest of the information
  6. Start learning!

If you already have an account through completing our first course, you can log back into Canvas Free For Teacher and use that join code.

For Nano Course #3, you will need to pay to access the course.