CU Anschutz – Center for Arctic Medical Operations

Congratulations on your prospective candidacy to support NSF polar north programs for the 2022 season. Due to the unique conditions and remote location associated with deployment, the NSF requires candidates to complete a process to physically qualify (PQ) for that deployment. This is an annual medical screening that includes:

1) A visit to a lab to complete required screening studies including blood work.

2) A visit to a medical provider (MD, DO, NP, PA) for a physical exam and history.

3) A visit to a dentist to include x-rays.

4) Submission of the completed packet with requested documentation attached.

The University of Colorado Section of Wilderness Medicine (CU) will review the submitted materials to ensure all necessary documentation is included. A medical provider will review the medical information to assign a designation of “Physically Qualified” (PQ) indicating that deployment can proceed or “Not Physically Qualified” (NPQ) indicating that deployment will be rescinded. If a designation of NPQ is assigned, the NSF has an appeals process that may be considered.

NSF History and Examination Forms

Arctic PQ Packet

For questions and to start the process, please contact

To Mail Records please send to: CU Anschutz – Center for Arctic Medical Operations
Mail Stop C328
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To Fax Records, please fax to 303-724-5649