Wilderness & environmental medicine has been described as the art and science of keeping people health and thriving in remote or austere places…

But we think there’s more to it than that– it’s educating caretakers to be able to think ‘outside the box’ and not solely depend on technology for their craft.  It’s thinking about disaster preparedness.  It pushes us to think about the world as a whole– how we might improve care in places with less resources and to examine our impact on the very ecosystems that keep us healthy.

The University of Colorado Wilderness and Environmental Medicine Section has been working with our home state’s ski patrols for many years. Through these partnerships we’ve been able to refine our educational offerings, producing high-yield and meaningful curriculum that is on the forefront of best-practice medical care for this unique group of prehospital responders.

Our program is conceptualized in four pillars– education, research, clinical service, and community outreach.  We welcome you to join us in any capacity– through our programs or our educational offerings.  We hope you too can capture the enthusiasm and energy of this exciting field of medicine!


Wilderness medicine is defined by the practice of medicine in resource-limited, austere environments. This 15-month fellowship is based at the University of Colorado with the overall goal to train leaders in the growing field of wilderness medicine.


Our Climate Change initiative seeks to empower physicians through education and effective communication skills and to characterize the impact of these changes on our health.


The Center for Remote Medicine and Austere Care was designed to serve clients charged with the welfare of those working in extreme environments with limited healthcare.


We offer specialized altitude consultations where our goal is to optimize health in those individuals who live, work, or play in the world’s high places.

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