Our Faculty


Section Chief, Professor of Emergency Medicine

Elaine Reno, MD DTM&H

Assistant Professor of Emergency Medicine

Todd Miner, ED. D FAWM

Senior Instructor of Emergency Medicine, Education Director of Section of WEM

Martin Musi, MD

Collaboration Director, Assistant Professor of Emergency Medicine

David Young, MD MS FAWM

Assistant Professor of Emergency Medicine

Mia Derstine, MD

Associate Fellowship Director, Wilderness Medicine

Caitlin Rublee, MD MPH

Assistant Professor of Emergency Medicine

Meagan Rivers


Breanna McKercher

Administrative Assistant, Special Projects

Kellie Schiller

Arctic Program Admin

Arian Anderson, MD

Aerospace Medicine

Rick Cole, MD MPH

Volunteer Clinical Faculty

Tracy Cushing, MD FACEP FAWM

Fellowship Director, Assistant Professor of Emergency Medicine

Benjamin Easter, MD MBA

Assistant Professor in Emergency Medicine

Liz Edelstein, MD FACEP FAWM

Volunteer Clinical Faculty

Kurt Eifling, MD, FAWM

Emergency Medicine Physician, Medical Director of the Institute for Field Research

Linda Keyes, MD

WM Fellowship Research Advisor

Jacqueline Kiernan, PT DPT

Emergency Department Physical Therapy

Ben Lantow, RN EMT-P

Emergency Department Registered Nurse

Dana Levin, MD MPH

Volunteer Clinical Faculty

Kjell Lindgren, MD

Physician, Astronaut

Justin McLean, MD FAWM

Section Chief, Associate Professor of Emergency Medicine

Terry O’Connor, MD FACEP DIMM

Volunteer Clinical Faculty

Ryan Paterson, MD, DIMM, DTM&H

Volunteer Clinical Faculty
Director of DiMM

Kristopher Karnauskas, Ph.D.

Co-Director, CU Boulder
Volunteer Clinical Faculty

Katie Saxon, MD FAWM DIMM

Volunteer Clinical Faculty

Volker Schöffl, MD, MHBA, FAWM

Volunteer Clinical Faculty

Alison Sheets, MD

Technical Rescue Advisor for WM Fellowship

Joel Vaughan, EMT-B AWLS


Vaughn A. Browne, MD, Ph.D.

Associate Professor in Emergency Medicine, Chairman of the School of Medicine Admissions Committee

Barbara Blok, MD FACEP

Associate Residency Director, Denver Health Residency in Emergency Medicine

Michael Yaron, MD

Professor of Emergency Medicine

Ryan Gray, MD

Volunteer Clinical Faculty