Remote Medicine


Our Remote Medicine Service was designed to serve clients charged with the welfare of those working in extreme environments with limited healthcare.

Our services range from individual consultation to tailor-made services for large organizations. We emphasize data-driven, evidence-based protocols to optimize health outcomes for patients—ensuring crisis resiliency and business continuity.

Areas of Expertise

  1. Training in austere medicine
    We have educational products (on-line, in-person, or hybrid training) offered anywhere from one-day to full-semester courses on remote medicine and austere care—these are tailored to both the layperson as well as advanced providers.
  2. Research
    We perform research to the highest standards of peer-reviewed medical academia, and are experts at identifying epidemiologic trends for clients with large scale medical operations.
  3. 24h telemedicine capability with tertiary consultation
    We are dedicated to providing clients with a chain of care from incident to tertiary care. Telemedicine is rapidly changing, and using readily available technology can now be done easily and affordably. We have the institutional structure at the University of Colorado Hospital to ensure 24-hour attending emergency medicine consultation offering evidence-based, data driven protocols which serve to decrease evacuations and improve health outcomes.
  4. Healthcare capacity building
    Global health engagement is a new priority in institutions of higher education, and provides a model and incentive for reciprocal engagement with local providers. Such programs foster goodwill with the underwriters (i.e. governments, businesses, academic institutions) and can improve local healthcare capacity in both day-to-day operations as well as during crises.

Since launching this initiative in 2014, we have provided care for the United States Antarctic Program (EMS Medical Direction) as well as National Science Foundation activities in Summit Station, Greenland.  We have also provided expertise for international clients in Nepal, Panama, Peru, and Russia.

To learn more about our portfolio and the services we offer, please email Dr. Jay Lemery directly at



In 2016, we augmented our polar medicine portfolio by adding CH2M Hill to our clientele.  Please click here for the back story.

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