Participate in a Research Study on Mount Blue Sky this August

Study Purpose – This study plans to learn more about how we can prevent altitude illness, specifically a form called acute mountain sickness. Acute mountain sickness symptoms can include: headache nausea and vomiting, dizziness and fatigue.

You are being asked to be in this research study because it is important to find a better way to help prevent acute mountain sickness. Many people get altitude illness traveling to altitude, which can make people feel very sick.

What to expect – This study is looking at if prochlorperazine (more commonly known as Compazine) can help prevent acute mountain sickness. Compazine is commonly used for migraine headaches and to treat nausea and vomiting. Participants will be randomized to either receive Compazine or an inactive pill called a placebo.

If you join the study, you will meet in Golden, Colorado where you will receive either the study drug or an inactive drug and receive breakfast. You will then be driven to Summit Lake near Mount Blue Sky where you will receive lunch, walk around and receive your second dose of the study drug or placebo You will then be taken on a guided hike to the summit of Mount Blue Sky where you will receive dinner, receive the third and last dose of the study drug or placebo and sleep overnight. In the morning you will receive breakfast and then be driven back to the initial meeting point.

What are the possible discomforts or risks? – Discomforts you may experience while in this study include:

  • altitude illness
  • sunburn
  • dehydration
  • minor injuries possible from hiking
Side effects of Compazine are uncommon but can include feelings of restlessness or agitation. Severe allergic reactions are very uncommon but can occur.
There is a risk that people outside of the research team will see your research information.  We will do all that we can to protect your information, but it can not be guaranteed.
You will be assigned to a study treatment by chance, and the study treatment you receive may prove to be less effective or to have more side effects than the other study treatment(s) or other available treatments.
What are the possible benefits of the study? – This study is designed for the researcher to learn more about how to prevent acute mountain sickness. Having a better way to help prevent acute mountain sickness would be very beneficial to all travelers to altitude which includes people traveling for fun and recreation, native populations, workers, rescuers and military personnel.
This study is not designed to treat any illness or to improve your health.


Individuals interested in participating or learning more can reach out to our study team, or use this form below:

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