Upstate Upset – Case Study

It is a beautiful late August day and you are mountain biking on a single-track trail in Upstate NY.  Your friend Laura is doing about Mach 7, hits a big root and spectacularly flies over the handlebars to land on her belly.  You find her on her side on the ground.  You are happy she […]

Easy Andes or Soroche or Bust! – Case Study

You have been told that getting altitude experience is quick and easy in the Andes of Ecuador, and being from flatland Ohio, that sounds good, prior to your planned climb of Denali (Mt. McKinley).   However, between you and your 2 climbing buddies, you can only get a 5 day window to get down there and […]

Terrific Pacific? – Case Study

You are part of a wilderness medicine class staying at a small eco-resort on Costa Rica’s Southern Pacific coast.  Your super nice and cool instructor gives you an afternoon off.  You and three buddies decide to head down to the beach, about a quarter mile down a gravel road from the lodge.   It is about […]