Patagonia Remote Medical Expedition

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text] By Nicole Ernst, PA Physician Assistant University of Colorado Children’s Hospital Patagonia Remote Medicine Expedition (P.R.M.E) is a 10 days guided expedition in the Andes Mountain Range of Patagonia, the course is directed by Dr. Martin Musi, faculty at University of Colorado School of Medicine and originally from Argentina, “This is a terrain-learning experience […]

Cleaning Wounds

Terry O’Connor, MD What’s the Magic Cleanser for wounds? Bottom line: Turns out it’s water . .  .  and lots of it. In this  meta analysis of 11 studies, tap water, distilled water, cooled boiled water, and normal saline were evaluated. The studies included wounds in kids and adults. Wound type included lacerations (five trials), chronic […]

Spring Touring

Terry O’Connor, MD SOME KEY SPRING TIME CONSIDERATIONS: Recent Avalanche activity Recent Precipitation and/ or wind Intense solar activity / First Sun Warm, above freezing temperatures on consecutive non-freezing nights or Rain Cornice failure Spring is a wonderful time for ski touring. Warm weather and sunny skies after fast moving storms can be a recipe […]