The Story

Terry O’Connor, MD Our work comes from story.  There is the obvious; the detective work of collating symptom and pattern, of differentiating disease in hopes for an accurate cure. Just pick one out of the fetid stew.  Dengue? Malaria?  Perhaps a little TB and Amebiasis? But, this is the easy task; calculated and objective. Challenge comes, not […]

Cleaning Wounds

Terry O’Connor, MD What’s the Magic Cleanser for wounds? Bottom line: Turns out it’s water . .  .  and lots of it. In this  meta analysis of 11 studies, tap water, distilled water, cooled boiled water, and normal saline were evaluated. The studies included wounds in kids and adults. Wound type included lacerations (five trials), chronic […]

Lyme Disease

Lyme Disease Todd Miner It’s spring, and while that still means flowers, returning birds, and the start of baseball, it now also means tick season.  Every year over 300,000 people in the US contract Lyme Disease, transmitted by the black-legged or deer tick.  The great majority of these cases are contracted in the Northeast and/or […]