. . . Still Not Dead Yet

Terry O’Connor, MD 16:30pm. The ranger station is still. The storm clouds are clearing. Inside, the rolling glow of embers fade in the fireplace, as outside, the amber alpenglow lights the fresh coat of snow on the mountain above. A knock on the door breaks the silence. “Hey are you a Ranger?, I just snowshoed […]

Patient Packaging

Terry O’Connor, MD Generally speaking, patient packaging is the process of securing a patient for transport.  The technique is dependent on environment, available resources, type of rescue and number of rescuers as well as extraction plan.  Below is a brief review, but if you’d like to learn more: join us for for some hands-on practice […]

Search and Rescue Dogs

by Justin McLean Use of Search and Rescue (SAR) dogs The use of trained wilderness search dogs dramatically increases the chances of finding a lost/injured victim.  The olfactory bulb in dogs is forty times the size of humans. Therefore trained search dogs will use scent, sound, and visual clues to find a victim or just […]