In this series we asked undergraduate students what questions they had for physicians and nurses. Check out the answers below! 

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First Question: How do physicians and nurses avoid burnout?

Dr. Elaine Reno (ER Physician): Spending time with family and having dedicated time off. Turning off my phone and computer – I unplug so I can just be focused on spending time with my family. As a medical student I realized that there would always be more studying to do, but I made sure that I went to the gym and saw my family.

Taryn Ketels (Registered Nurse in Emergency Department): Having a solid group of family and friends to reach out to. Very passionate about infectious disease and it keeps me interested. Working out.

Benjamin Honigman (Professor in Emergency Medicine, MD, Associate Dean): Find an area that you are passionate about and create diversity in your job.

Benjamin Lantow (Registered Nurse in ED, Paramedic, Search and Rescue): Take time and space for myself. I go on long bike rides and camp. I like to create situations where I have no service so I can unplug.

Dr. Stephanie Nill (First Year Anesthesiologist, MD): I travel to see friends and family. I make time for myself to read and go on hikes.

Kit Lein (Registered Nurse in Emergency Department): I take vacation time regularly. I work out and practice Kendo, which is a Japanese martial art that uses bamboo swords.

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