In this series we asked undergraduate students what questions they had for physicians and nurses. Check out the answers below! 

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Question: What is your strategy for dealing with unruly patients?

Dr. Elaine Reno (ER Physician): Depends on the situation. I would first try to identify why they are unruly if it is because they are in pain, fearful, or has psych issues. I would definitely want to make sure the scene is safe any my colleagues are safe.

Taryn Ketels (Registered Nurse in Emergency Department): I am stern with my patients, I will set clear boundaries and if they are not following the rules than there will be consequences. If they are risking the safety of my colleagues or those around them I will get security.

Benjamin Lantow (Registered Nurse in ED, Paramedic, Search and Rescue): Insure the safety of me and my colleagues. I do not take it to heart or take it personal.

Dr. Liz Malik (PGY2 ER Resident): Most importantly make sure everyone is safe. Do what you need to do to keep patients safe.

Kit Lein (Registered Nurse in Emergency Department): Make sure everyone is safe and try to understand where they are coming from.

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