By: Alessandra Santiago

Congratulations on making it through finals season and another Fall Semester! You’ve made it one step closer towards application time. We hope you’re feeling the excitement that goal progression can give.

Before you embark on a well-deserved Winter Break, here’s a little check-in from us on a few key aspects of your application. If you have fallen behind on any of these components, don’t stress! Winter Break is a great time to make progress, and if you’ve decided to formulate your strategy another way, this article can instead serve as a benchmark to your own strategy.

Check-in #1: Letters of Recommendation requests.

Check-in #2: AMCAS Registration.

Check-in #3: MCAT preparation.

Remember: staying on track with your application cycle comes down to how well you practice self-discipline. During this Winter Break, try stay on target with your application cycle, but remember that it is ok take time for yourself and put your application materials down for a while! Rest, recuperate, and return refreshed in the Spring Semester.

Enjoy your Break, have a happy time with your loved ones, and we will see you in the New Year!

Assignment #9: Check in with your progress towards applying next year. Take some time to decide what to prioritize over the break and New Year. Have a restful break from classes, and get ready to hit the ground running in 2020!

Thank you for a fabulous and productive 2019! Check back in with us in 2020 when we resume our Ready, Set, Apply series with an article on the primary app, secondaries, and interviews.

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