Dana Levin, MD MPH

Volunteer Clinical Faculty

Courses Taught By This Instructor:

Martian Medical Analog and Research Simulation (2MARS)  

Human Spaceflight Factors & Medical Risk Assessment: IDPT 8059

University of Colorado School of Medicine | Mail Stop B215, 12401 E. 17th Avenue, Aurora, Colorado 80045

Dana is board certified in both Emergency and Aerospace medicine and is the cofounder of the University of Colorado Aerospace Medicine Program. He helped develop an innovative long form simulation training course, the Martian Medical Analogue and Research Simulation (2MARS), with CU and the Wilderness Medicine Society and is the host and director of the Exploration Medicine Podcast.

His own exploration work includes environments such as Mt. Kilimanjaro, the Himalayas, Antarctica, Low Earth Orbit, and Deep Space. He works with The University of Texas as a flight surgeon supporting spacecraft launches and landings, as an Assistant Professor of Emergency Medicine with Columbia University as a research scientist and clinician, and supports NASA’s Exploration Medicine Capabilities research element. 

Dana has taught classes in extreme environment medicine and physiology around the world and holds faculty appointments with the University of Colorado, Columbia University, and the University of Texas. He also conducts research into altitude sickness, decompression sickness, spatial disorientation, hypoxia, and optimization of medical systems for deep space flight. 

In his spare time he flies planes and performs scientific and technical SCUBA dives. He enjoys science fiction, skiing, social dancing, playing percussion, and writing music.