Don’t forget to finish your Coursera modules before continuing.

Once you’re done, you may opt to demonstrate your learning and earn an e-WFA® certificate from the University of Colorado School of Medicine!

The certificate costs $195 for those from US/Canada, European Union, Japan, or Australia/NZ and $95 for all other regions.


Earn this certificate by demonstrating competency in wilderness first aid skills via a virtual video meeting with a University of Colorado School of Medicine instructor. 

Required Demonstrated Skills:

  • Primary Assessment
  • Physical Exam
  • Solo Log Roll 
  • Improvised C-Spine Protection (with Sam splint, jacket, or large pack)
  • Demonstrate patient positioning for shock and increased Intracranial Pressure (ICP)
  • Improvised Pressure Dressing or Tourniquet
  • Lower Arm or Lower Leg Splint

Competencies on which the skills are evaluated can be found on the Skills Competencies Guide

Demonstrated skills by the student need to meet 90% of the steps, successes, and/or standards shown in the videos. Those not meeting the standard will be coached for success and given additional opportunities to meet the standards.

Once proficiency is demonstrated, the student will move to the next skill. Students will have the entire hour to demonstrate skill competency


  • The ability to participate in a live virtual video meeting (e.g. Zoom, Teams etc.)
  • Have a second participant that can act as a live, cooperative patient (18+)
  • A Sam splint, jacket, or large pack to demonstrate improvised C-spine protection
  • Materials to improvise an effective pressure dressing or tourniquet
  • Materials to administer a field splint for a lower arm or leg

Once registered, you will need to schedule a minimum hour-long appointment with an instructor. 

It is possible that the student will not be able to demonstrate competency in a first, hour-long session. If that is the case the student will be allowed to schedule one additional hour to adequately demonstrate skills. Additional hour-long attempts are allowed at a cost of $95 per session.

Registered students will be given a link to schedule a skills-proficiency virtual video meeting.

UNDER A DEADLINE? We unfortunately cannot promise we’ll be able to meet your required deadline, especially if it is within a few weeks. Please contact us before you register so we can determine if we can work with your deadline.

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Once you have registered, you should receive next steps via email. If you do not receive this email within 24 business hours, please contact our admin for next steps.