Wilderness Advanced First Aid covers skills and applied knowledge to respond to medical emergencies in austere environments. In addition, it provides students an introduction and exposure to the art of teaching and instruction. 

The class includes 16 hours of lecture and skill development and another 8 hours of application and practice as students help teach Wilderness First Aid (WFA) to laypersons

Earn a Wilderness First Aid (WFA) Certificate!

Entire curriculum is taught by University of Colorado School of Medicine faculty.

  • Pre-trip preparation (1h)
  • Scene Safety & Primary patient assessment (2h)
  • Navigation & map reading (1h)
  • Hypothermia (1h)
  • Unexpected night out (1h)
  • Medical Kit (1h)
  • Sprains & strains (1h)
  • Burns/ wounds (1h)


Curriculum meets Wilderness First Aid (WFA) requirements.

  • Lightning (1h)
  • Avalanche (1h)
  • Circulatory/Respiratory (1h)
  • Spinal immobilization (1h)
  • Common medical problems (1h)
  • Frostbite (1h)
  • Altitude (1h)

Todd Miner EdD is an Instructor in the Department of Emergency Medicine at the University of Colorado School of Medicine and is the Education Director of its Section of Wilderness & Environmental Medicine. Dr. Miner previously served as the Executive Director of Cornell Outdoor Education, where he co-founded Cornell Wilderness Medicine, a unique collaboration between COE and Weill Cornell Medical College. An experienced mountaineer, Miner has led climbs to the seven highest summits in North America, as well as backpacking, sea kayaking, ski touring, and rafting trips throughout Alaska, and a dozen expeditions to South and Central America. Miner previously served as an assistant professor at the University of Alaska Anchorage and as the coordinator of the Alaska Wilderness Studies program there. He earned a BS in anthropology from the University of Alaska, a masters from Alaska Pacific University, and a doctorate from Boston University. His research interests have focused on wilderness survival and corporate experiential training and development. todd.miner@ucdenver.edu

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Upcoming Dates

January 27-28, 2024
Auburn, AL (VCOM Campus)

February 3-5, 2024
UC Davis, California