. . . Still Not Dead Yet

Terry O’Connor, MD 16:30pm. The ranger station is still. The storm clouds are clearing. Inside, the rolling glow of embers fade in the fireplace, as outside, the amber alpenglow lights the fresh coat of snow on the mountain above. A knock on the door breaks the silence. “Hey are you a Ranger?, I just snowshoed […]

Spring Touring

Terry O’Connor, MD SOME KEY SPRING TIME CONSIDERATIONS: Recent Avalanche activity Recent Precipitation and/ or wind Intense solar activity / First Sun Warm, above freezing temperatures on consecutive non-freezing nights or Rain Cornice failure Spring is a wonderful time for ski touring. Warm weather and sunny skies after fast moving storms can be a recipe […]

Avalanche Safety – Slope Angle

Terry O’Connor, MD A large problem with prime avalanche slopes is they are highly enticing to ride. This presents a challenge to all who are trying to have fun, yet ride safely in avalanche terrain. Recognizing  what slopes are prone to avalanching is an important part of making safe backcountry decisions. One of the best […]

Not Dead Yet

LESSONS LEARNED FROM BEING BURIED ALIVE.  THE TAKE HOME Survival of avalanche burial > 30 mins does happen Maintain a sense of urgency in all avalanche rescues until the victim is found INTRO ‘I heard what sounded like a baseball bat hitting a ball – a loud crack.  I turned around to look and saw […]