Wilderness & Environmental Medicine Section COVID-19 Response

Like the rest of the country, the University of Colorado School of Medicine’s Wilderness Medicine Section has been affected by COVID-19.

We are currently translating our traditional courses into hybrid and in some cases, totally on-line, offerings.  While it is challenging to take topics that involve hands-on skills, this time has given us a chance to engage new ideas and optimize delivery of essential healthcare skills to our learners.

Hybrid and/or on-line courses provide a number of advantages.  In-person class time can be shortened or eliminated, making scheduling easier, using less leave or vacation time, and making lodging less expensive.  Students and participants can learn at their own pace.  Moving the more didactic portions of the class to on-line delivery allows the in-person portions of the class to focus more on hands-on skills and scenarios, the portions of the classes our students tell us they learn and enjoy the most.  And finally, classes can be offered at a less expensive price, saving students money.  Learning that is less expensive, more convenient, and more impactful – what’s not to like about that?!?

What precautions are we taking for upcoming in-person courses?

  • Mandatory masks for all students — covering both your mouth and nose
  • Limited class sizes
  • Use of extra-large classrooms to help social distancing
  • Ramped up use of sanitizer, gloves, and disinfectants

What happens if the University of Colorado has to cancel or postpone a class?

  • You have the ability to pre-register for classes. This means  you do not pay up front, but reserve a place in the course. When we are 60 days from the start of the class, we’ll charge you with the card on file.
  • If for some reason after the 60 days have passed, we have determined it is not safe to run our class, we will cancel.
  • Students who have paid for canceled courses due to COVID will receive full refunds or the option to transfer to a future class

What on-line learning options are we offering?

Basic Wilderness First Aid

This is an online course that anyone can benefit from! You will learn backcountry first aid through a series of on-line modules, case studies, and quizzes. In order to earn a certificate of completion for this class you will need to go through 14 modules and complete the quizzes. You will also need to complete and submit for review one case study from the course. We also encourage you to take the optional final exam at the end.

Virtual Shadowing Nano Course in Emergency Medicine

This nano course is geared towards students who are missing out on the in-person shadowing opportunities they might want for their medical school applications. Through a series of 15-20 minute videos, we take you through simulated patient cases. This course is FREE for all students with the option to register for a certificate of completion from the University of Colorado once the student receives 100% across all quizzes.

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