Wilderness & Environmental Medicine Section COVID-19 Response

Like the rest of the country the University of Colorado School of Medicine’s Wilderness Medicine Section has been affected by COVID-19.  For the safety of our students and faculty we have cancelled all of our in-person spring and summer wilderness medicine classes, through August 31st.

We urge everyone to maintain social distancing, wear masks, and treat this pandemic with the respect it demands.  We will get through this, and come out stronger and wiser at the other end.  But for now it is best to hunker down and learn about wilderness medicine via reading, listening to pod casts, and on-line learning.

For now we at the Section are staying busy translating our traditional courses into hybrid and in some cases, totally on-line, offerings.  While it is challenging to take topics that involve so much face to face and hands-on skills, this pause has given us a chance to really focus on operating differently, and to optimize delivery of essential healthcare skills to our learners.

Hybrid and/or totally on-line courses do provide a number of advantages.  In-person class time can be shortened or eliminated, making scheduling easier, using less leave or vacation time, and making lodging less expensive.  Students and participants can learn at their own pace, at convenient times, and from any location.  Moving the more didactic portions of the class to on-line delivery allows the in-person portions of the class to focus more on hands-on skills and scenarios, the portions of the classes our students tell us they learn and enjoy the most.  And finally, classes can be offered at a less expensive price, saving students money.  Learning that is less expensive, more convenient, and more impactful – what’s not to like about that?!?

Looking for a rewarding way to learn and to move your medical future forward during this “shelter in place” phase of COVID?  We will be offering our first 100% on-line offering in May, a new Basic Wilderness First Aid class.  This 14-hour course covers the fundamentals of wilderness first aid with a focus on common as well as severe trauma and environmental threats. Sign up for this state of the art on-line class and earn a certificate in Basic Wilderness First Aid from the University of Colorado!

The Section is also busy scheduling an ambitious fall line-up of hybrid emergency, wilderness, and global health classes.  In addition to our traditional locales in Colorado and Costa Rica, we’re highlighting a new location in New York State (Ithaca, in the heart of the Finger Lakes).

We are all hungry to get back to human interaction and a sense of shared community.  Whether you are taking a gap year, your school is starts late, or your school is delaying the kick-off of the fall semester, check out https://www.coloradowm.org/product-category/pre-med/and learn more about what we are offering in September.

To help you take that next step, there is a $150 early bird discount for any of our fall hybrid offerings for registrations made by May 31Enroll risk-free, with full refunds for any reason up to 45 days prior to the start of the class.

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